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Outdoor Environment



Outdoor Environment

We feel passionately that children should have the same learning opportunities outside as they would inside. We promote a child led, investigative approach to support curious minds. All rooms have ‘free flow’ access to the outdoor environment, allowing children to move between inside and outside as they wish. Our baby and toddler rooms each have beautiful UV protected, sheltered decking areas. These are used as an extension of their playroom and provide safe outdoor play, all day, with the comfort of shelter from the sun and rain. 

In our main outdoor environment, accessed by all the children, we have a large playground space with an impact absorbing surface for safer play when refining their gross motor skills. To the back of the nursery we have our wilderness garden, complete with willow den, mud kitchen and barefoot sensory path for our children to explore. We have dedicated horticulture areas, to develop our senses and understanding of the world. Large scale construction with logs, tools and equipment for our future builders and architects.  Along with our large outdoor easels, creative and imaginative areas, problem solving water wall and literacy shed. Our outdoor classroom offers children with an alternative to conventional toys. It is our secret treasure trove filled with unusual objects, books and items from nature and around the world. These can be accessed by all children and used to extend play and current interests. To the front of the nursery we have a large bespoke sandpit for our children to explore using their whole bodies; the children have suitably named it 'the beach'.