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Pre-School Room (3-4 Years)

pre school room


Pre-School Room

Continuing in our child-initiated, play based approach from the toddler room we additionally begin to prepare children for their next journey into primary school. Confidence and security in their own independence is key in ensuring the transition from nursery to school is a positive one. We use many activities to promote confidence and self-awareness such as our ‘marvellous me’ box, our ‘star board’ and ‘circle time’. Encouraging independence in self-care, such as the fine motor skills required to fasten your own zip, is also something we refine in pre-school.

We further prepare children by introducing knowledge of numbers, shape and the introduction of phonics and letter information. We have many resources, such as our self-registration, that encourages name recognition leading to the writing of their name when they are ready. Pre-school is very lucky to have a full time Early Years Teacher ensuring your child is ready and raring to go when the time comes to go to ‘big school’.