Toddler Care at Poppins

Moving through to our toddler room we provide your child with plentiful opportunities to experience and explore their growing world.

We encourage them to express their unique personalities by nurturing each individual child’s interests and stages of development. This is evident in our planning carried out daily.

We encourage our parents/carers to contribute to our planning by sharing your child’s interests from home and achievements they have made or are working towards. We also host a three monthly parents evening which presents an opportunity for parents and their child’s key person to discuss their child in full detail, regarding their next steps at nursery and at home.

All of our learning is of course play based and a lot of it is spontaneous in response to children’s reactions or interests. We do this by providing children with opportunities; the learning which takes place within these opportunities is unique to each child. Our knowledgeable practitioners then support and extend children’s ideas and concepts sensitively using reassurance and effective questioning to further develop your child’s knowledge and understanding.

Outdoor Play and Outings

We are proud to provide a beautiful outdoor environment for our children. We are continually developing and enhancing our provision and our outdoor environment is no exception. Learning outside plays a vital role in supporting our children and their exploration of the world around them. All rooms have ‘free-flow’ access to the outdoor environment allowing children to move between the inside and outside as they wish. This is encouraged throughout the year and we take pride in enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, in all weather.
We are very lucky to have our large veggie patches to the front of the nursery, for all of our keen gardeners. We learn how plants grow and how to care for them, but best of all how they taste. We have a large ‘playground space’ to practice riding our bikes and all our other gross motor skills. We enjoy our activity spaces which we set up daily with toys, books and mark-making tools to mirror our indoor environment.
To the back of the nursery we have a beautiful lawned area with a willow den, mud kitchen and smaller outdoor equipment for our younger children to explore. We believe play is the work of children, it’s very serious stuff!

Child care providers - Worcester, Evesham - Poppins Private Day Nursery - Toddler day care
Child care providers - Worcester, Evesham - Poppins Private Day Nursery - Toddler day care
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