Baby Care at Poppins

A loving reassuring welcome awaits your baby at Poppins Day Nursery

Our baby room is a warm, caring, yet stimulating environment; rich in sensory opportunities for your child. We understand the importance of rest and reassurance as much as providing new and exciting opportunities for babies. Our carefully selected team, experienced in caring for babies, provide a beautiful balance of cosy cuddles and exciting play. We are committed to working with you as parents/carers, in continuing your babies current care routine taken from home. We also provide regular 3 monthly meetings with your baby’s key person to update any routines, interests, their next steps and to just share in delight about your little buddle of joy.

To support verbal communication between parents/carers and your baby’s key person, you will receive a ‘daily diary’. This is a two way communication book. Your baby’s key person will make notes on feeds, sleeps, nappies and activities whilst you can use it to provide exciting news, special events, achievements at home or any useful notes for your baby’s key person.


In keeping with our homely environment we are delighted to fuel our children’s minds and bodies with fresh, homemade meals cooked on site by our qualified chef. Our healthy eating policy is a no pressure approach and encourages meal times to be a social, enjoyable experience rich in conversation and time. We think it is important to educate children in healthy choices and do so in encouragement at meal times. We can work alongside parents/carers to accommodate any dietary requirements and menus are displayed on our parent’s notice board or can be e-mailed upon request.

A full day includes a fruit and milk snack during the morning, a healthy two course meal at lunch time and a light tea in the afternoon.

Throughout the year we like to make the most of our seasonal home grown fruit and vegetables by incorporating these into the children’s snacks and meals.

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